SBC National uniquely provides both banking and brokerage components of service to the commercial property community:

Banking Platform

SBC National, LLC was founded in 2012 with the goal of becoming a national resource in the small balance commercial lending arena. As a direct commercial lender, the company offers financing to borrowers through a nationwide network of mortgage brokers, realtors and banking entities. SBC National offers Non-Conventional products on a variety of commercial property types. SBC National's portfolio product allows us the flexibility to "think outside the box" and execute transactions in a timely and efficient manner. Just as in residential mortgage lending, your success is directly correlated to your knowledge of lender underwriting guidelines and submitting transactions that fit those parameters.

Brokerage Platform

Our Secondary team has more than 20 years of commercial real estate banking experience and is approved to underwrite loans with over fifty financing institutions nationwide, both public and privately owned. Our seasoned team of commercial mortgage banking professionals will give you the guidance that will allow you to originate and navigate your small balance commercial deal throughout the process from beginning to end, without the unnecessary pitfalls of dealing with ineffective or inexperienced secondary teams. SBC National has the underwriting capabilities and proprietary tools to assure you that your pricing and placement quote represents a high assurance of approval and funding. SBC is the best choice for seasoned residential brokers who are seeking to enhance their current book of business by adding commercial mortgage financing as an added revenue channel that is not subject to RESPA.


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